Alice and Bob, unglazed ceramics, 21 x 40 x 6 cm 

The Oracle, 10 drawings, 9 of them copied from Pinterest boards, 2017, 28 x 170 cm.


‘The first drawing on the left was my attempt to draw a Möbius strip. I wanted to draw not the standard thing, rather a little more complicated one. But something went wrong, I missed a twist and the ring turned out not being a real Möbius strip. I uploaded the failure drawing to Pinterest, without hashtags or text, to see if it would recognize a Möbius strip from an only visual input. It didn‘t recognize it, but this is what happened: it helped me find another Möbius strip in 10 steps, via associations.  Pinterest read my drawing and suggested 300 images, all possible matches according to its algorithms. No Möbius strips whatsoever. I chose one of the suggested images being a hand-drawn internet explorer logo, which I meticulously copied and uploaded again. From the new set of 300 images suggested by Pinterest, I chose the drawing with the cartoon of a man to copy. The cartoon was followed by two flying ghosts, two kissing ghosts, a technical drawing of a human ear, a sketch from Naum Gabo, another cartoon by Saul Steinberg and a drawing of a spiral-shaped library.  When I got the last set of 300 suggestions from Pinterest based on the last drawing, I found, to my big surprise, another variation of the Möbius Strip, with the same error.

Maybe this is my version of the Chinese whispers game, whispering images instead of words, but with another aim than just to have fun: I want to find proof of a true mental process, of a soul even, inside the processors on the other side of the screen. Ridiculous or not, I keep trying.

I Pick You, 2017, ceramics, 7 x 70 x 15 cm, collection of AKZO Nobel Art Foundation

Artificial Intelligence, 2016, ceramics, 6 x 20 x 28 cm, collection of AKZO Nobel Art Foundation